Embraced in warm tones of wood, the suite opens onto a large living area with chestnut ceiling beams. Looking out of the large window the eye is favoured by a sweeping panorama over red tiled roofs, past the bell tower, down to the vineyards and on to the marittime alps.

The suite’s name honours the painter Amedeo Ghesio Volpengo who lived in the villa between 1868 and 1889. His art and photography studio was located where the double bedroom is found now. In the living room there is a very comfortable orthopaedic sofa bed. There is also a bathroom with a window overlooking the bell tower. Air conditioning and fridge bar.

Demi Suite Carla

This vaulted room, decorated in Pompeii red, overlooks two sides of the park. The colour of the walls and the blond walnut furniture give the room an atmosphere as warm and generous as the person to whom it is dedicated.

It has a living room with access to an ample covered balcony, an ideal space for relaxing, reading or working.

Appartamento Morini

This spacious apartment has two separate rooms, one of which is a large living area with cooking facilities. The rooms overlook the park and the entire alpine arc, with a breathtaking view of the Rocky King – Monviso. Many cherished memories enrich the furnishings in the apartment which is dedicated to Valeria and Umberto, two close friends who lived here for twenty happy years.

Camera degli Sposi

Red damask curtains with gold threadwork dominate the room. Opening onto a fully restored terrace which maintains its antique brickwork and original paving, the room offers a view over the vineyards to the mountains of Monviso, Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa and promises spectacular sunsets.

The terrace has a secluded corner which guarantees absolute privacy and intimacy. The „camera degli sposi“ (bridal room) is accessed through an entrance hall.

Camera degli Ufficiali

The yellow ocher room was originally the old servant’s kitchen and has a „ronfò“ – an open stove in stonework where the charcoal from the burnt wood in the nearby chimney was used for cooking.

The authentic paving in terracotta, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, has been maintained here, as in the demi-suite and the apartment.

The name, meaning „The Officer’s Room“, remembers the use made of the room during the War of Liberation when English, American and Polish officers, as well as groups of resistance fighters under the command of Major Mauri, used the villa as their headquarters.

Camera Verde e Camera Azzurra

CAMERA VERDE (THE GREEN ROOM) is a double room and CAMERA AZZURRA (THE BLUE ROOM) is a twin-bedded room. They are the most modern rooms in the building, although these too have been furnished in style. They have a bathroom with window and balconies with a view over the mountains.

Blue Room Flowers